ICEgate ADcode registration

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Ad code stands for Authroised dealer code which is provide by bank but you has to upload on icegate portal.

How do I know that my ADcode is registered with customs ?

You has to check from ICEgate portal that your ADcode is registered or not.

What is the AD code of SBI Bank ?

That SBI bank will provide you the AD code certificate while asking them for ADcode registration.

 ADcode Registration in Mumbai Maharashtra India

ADcode stands for Authorised Dealer code registration and this is required for exporters and importers of goods from overseas.

How do I get ADcode ?

To get ADcode first you has to get register with IEC code means DGFT IEC code number then only you has to go for AD code registration but please take note that  here ICEgate portal has to be get registed your IEC Code Number then you are eligible to get AD code by SEA or Air Transport.

Is Adcode is Mandatory for Imports ?

Yes, That is compulsary while importing your goods from overseas.

What are the documents required for AD code registration 

IEC code means DGFT import export code, Pancard, Aadhar card, GSTIN number Digital Siganture certificate.

How do I put my ADcode on ICEgate ?

First you has to register your ICEgate portal means you has to get registed in ICEgate then you can upload your  ADcode.

ICEGate registration in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan, Suburban Mumbai and near by areas.

ICE Gate and AD Code registration Thane, Mumbai near by, Navi Mumbai, Raigadh, Palghar, Bhiwandi, Vasai, Central Part of Mumbai.


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ICE Gate registration mumbai maharashtra india

 ICE GAte Registration Mumbai Maharashtra India We provide consultancy services to get ICE gate registered and to get AD code registration for those who are exporting and importing their goods and services from overseas.   AD code registration is done by an Indian bank and that has to be uploaded on the ICEgate website for further tracking and customs purposes. Exported or imported products should be transported by SEA or AIR Or LAND ao accordingly registration has been required. Documents required for ICE Gate registration and AD code Registration Mumbai Maharashtra Import Export code license number Number means IEC Code Number Pancard Aadhar card Digital WSicature certificate is DSC Bank Certificate as per requirement from Bank. GST registration The registration is done on ice gate services to export or import goods or services. Manufactuer Exporter India Those who are Manufactuer and exporters from India and who has to export their goods and servies overseas then they must required

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