Pleae find below Frequently asked Questions and Answers during processing for registration services.



What is mean by medical practice activity as per NIC code 86201 in MSME registration?


Whether you are providing medical services as per MSME

Can a sole proprietorship business established in 1996 manufacturing and also service provider can now register in MSME?

Any type of company can register with MSME registration. The company might be established in any ear. Registration process is depend upon the current investment.

This is considered as total investment in plant nad machinery for manufacturer is less and equal to Rs. 10 Crore and for service provider less or equal to Rs. 5 Crore can register their company. Company should be Proprietor, Partnership, Private Limited, Limited Liability Partnership companies are eligible for the same.

Are MSME registered firms exempt from paying EMD and security deposit for participation in government tenders is there any exemption for minimum turnover and number of years of experience?

All msme registered companies are eligible to get EMD and security deposit exemption.

Limit for manufacturer is less or equal to Rs. 5 Crore Plant and machinery.

Service provider less and equal to Rs. 2 Crore investment in Equpments.

Above criteria are exemption in emd and security deposit in Government Tender and PSU sector tenders.

As tunover is not considered at present, in future they might consider. Ason today it is not a criteria for turnover.

Afterall That must be mentioned in thir Tenders criteria or eligibility for participation.

Only above criteria are eligible for the exempion.

How can registration for supplier or distributor in MSME?

Take note that that MSME registration is now online process and.

You has to be registered online. You can register directly on central goverment portal using this link.

What are the benefits for NHAI contractor if they get MSME registration?

Registered with MSME can avail following benefits :

Governent supports on late payment from MSME registed customers. Means payment delay suppot from department.
Subsidied loans on term loans.
Reimbursement of expenses to take participation in domestic and international exhibition.
Government Tender participation also avail EMD and security deposit exemption.
For export purpose short tem loan 1% discount on loans.
Raw material assistance for manufacturer located in India.
Reaserch and Development purpose Laboratory estalihment can avil subsidy on investment.
Participation in Private sector tenders p.

Market Development Assitance for MSME.
To get electrity connection in plots for manufacturing purpose.
Electricity bill duty exempion for new and existing enterprenuer.

mca msme registered company ko band karne ka niyam

-Mess meal provider comes under micro entrepreneur registered with MSME

I have registered with MSME proprietorship in service sector I want to transfer ownership in the name of my son what shall be the procedure

Transfer is of MSME is not possible but it is consider which type of company is.

Means company must be Private limited or Limited Liability Partnership can be transferred. But where MSME registration is not transfered.

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Can karate coaching be registered under MSME?

Yes, as sport activities or teaching services. Please contact us for more details.


We registered MSME under detergent manufacturing can we make hand sanitizers


Do not registered under detergent manufacturing but sanitary product or service providing.


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Can a MSME registered enterprise use his own vehicle to transport good?


Is medium enterprises in MSME registration is eligible for end exemption?

No, Medium enterprise are not eligible for emd exemption.

How can I get my payment if I am registered with MSME?

As MSME department is supporting to get delayed payment for those who are registered with MSME.

You may contract nearest District Industries Center or you can process on Samadhan of MSME.

You has to get registed with the msme portal for payment delay.

For more details you may contract us.

A sole proprietorship witch is registered in MSME govt can turn into registered partnership firm under the MSME

I have an MSME registered service unit do MSME have experience and turnover exemption in Kerala PSU government tenders

It is dependupon the criteria mentioned in Tenders.

As you investment must beĀ  for equipments must be lsess than or equal to Rs. 2 Crorer.

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Can a manpower service provider be registered under MSME sector?

Yes, can registerd with MSME.