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Friday, March 8, 2024


List of Tire 2 countries

The concept of "tier 2 countries" can vary depending on the context, such as economic development, geopolitical influence, or other criteria. However, generally speaking, tier 2 countries often refer to those that are not considered as economically or politically dominant as tier 1 countries (typically referring to developed nations). These countries may still have significant regional or global importance but may be classified as emerging or developing economies. Here's a list of some countries that are commonly considered tier 2:

1. **Mexico**

2. **Brazil**

3. **Russia**

4. **Turkey**

5. **South Africa**

6. **Indonesia**

7. **Thailand**

8. **Malaysia**

9. **Poland**

10. **Argentina**

11. **Vietnam**

12. **Philippines**

13. **Ukraine**

14. **Nigeria**

15. **Egypt**

16. **Pakistan**

17. **Bangladesh**

18. **Colombia**

19. **Peru**

20. **Iran**

Again, it's essential to note that this classification can vary, and the term "tier 2" is somewhat subjective and context-dependent. These countries have diverse economies, varying levels of development, and different geopolitical significance.


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