1. Micro Small Medium Enterprise business Solutions

  2. We provide consultancy services for registering Companies, Businesses, Educational Institutes also provide solutions for new Startup Businesses.

  • Business Registration and Certification Solutions.
  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Registration and certifications also problem solving for and Ideas to startup business.
  • MSME Companies problem solving in Administration, Accounts, Human Resources, Finance and Investment ideas.
  • MSME Company Registrations like Private Limited, Limited Liabilities Partnership, Partnership and individual or properitorship registration and certification solutions.
  • Startup MSME Business solutions.
  • Human Resources solutions for MSME.
  • Digital India payment and banking finance solutions.
  • Online Digital solutions like Website Designing, Enterprise Email solutions
  • Business Investment Solutions like Angel investor, Venture Capitalist and many more.
  • Digital Marketing solutions on online market places.
  • ISO Standard Certification services like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, OHSAS, etc
  • Trademark Registration Services
  • Export Import License services
  • Company Registration like Private Limited, Limited Liability Partnership - LLP, Parntership, Individuals.

Comparison of Business Structures: Private Limited, LLP, Partnership, Individual

FeaturePrivate Limited CompanyLimited Liability Partnership (LLP)PartnershipIndividual
FormationMore complex and regulatedRelatively simplerSimplestSimplest
Minimum Members2221
Maximum Members200 (can be increased with approval)UnlimitedUnlimitedN/A
LiabilityLimited to share capitalLimited to contributionUnlimited, jointly and severally liableUnlimited
ComplianceMore stringent compliance requirements (filing annual returns, audits)Moderate compliance requirementsLeast stringentLeast stringent
Transferability of OwnershipShares can be easily transferredTransfer of partnership stake requires partner consentTransfer of ownership usually difficult or requires dissolving the partnershipN/A
Raising CapitalCan raise capital through issuing sharesLimited options for raising capitalLimited options for raising capitalLimited options for raising capital
Separate Legal EntityYesYesNoNo
Perpetual SuccessionYesYesNoNo
SuitabilitySuitable for larger businesses, seeking investmentSuitable for professional firms, service-based businessesSuitable for small businesses, joint venturesSuitable for simple businesses, solopreneurs

Major Business Cities in India (2024)

CityStateKey IndustriesStrengthsWeaknesses
MumbaiMaharashtraFinance, Banking, Insurance, Media, EntertainmentLargest economy in India, strong financial infrastructure, skilled workforceHigh cost of living, competitive landscape, traffic congestion
Delhi NCR (Delhi, Gurugram, Noida)Delhi, Haryana, Uttar PradeshGovernment, IT, Services, ManufacturingPolitical and administrative hub, diverse economy, well-developed infrastructureHigh pollution levels, bureaucratic hurdles, traffic congestion
BangaloreKarnatakaIT, Biotech, Aerospace, Education"Silicon Valley of India," strong talent pool, supportive government policiesHigh cost of living, infrastructure challenges, water scarcity
PuneMaharashtraIT, Automobile, Manufacturing, EducationGrowing IT hub, affordable compared to Mumbai, good quality of lifeLimited airport connectivity, traffic congestion
HyderabadTelanganaIT, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, AerospaceEmerging IT hub, strong infrastructure development, favorable government policiesHigh real estate costs, water scarcity
ChennaiTamil NaduIT, Automobile, Manufacturing, HealthcareStrong manufacturing base, skilled workforce, well-developed port infrastructureRelatively slower economic growth compared to other major cities, traffic congestion
AhmedabadGujaratTextiles, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, ManufacturingVibrant trade and commerce center, affordable cost of livingLimited public transport infrastructure, high pollution levels
KolkataWest BengalIT, Manufacturing, Services, TradeRich cultural heritage, skilled workforce, strategic locationLimited infrastructure development, bureaucratic hurdles
IndoreMadhya PradeshIT, Services, ManufacturingEmerging business hub, affordable cost of living, good connectivityLess developed infrastructure compared to other major cities, limited air connectivity
NagpurMaharashtraCoal, Steel, Manufacturing, ServicesGrowing industrial center, strategic location, affordable cost of livingLimited air connectivity, high pollution

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