Import Export code Number

Import Export Code Number in Mumbai and Maharashtra state

Import Export Code Number is important for imports of goods and exports of goods and services.

For more details you may visit IEC Code Linka also.IEC Code is for all entrepreneurs, Individuals, Professionals and service providers to import and exports goods and services from overseas.

Import Export Code Number

IECode Number is for Manufacturer, traders, wholesaler, supplier, Service providers, Professionals, Individuals.

Exports goods and services in the United States, United Kingdom, Great Britain, Australia, New Zeland, Africa, Asian countries, for exporting goods and services from India.

India Exports various goods like Agriculture products, processed food products, Dairy products, Textile machinery and products, Gems and jewellery products, and many more.

ICEgate registration for exporters and importers from India

We provide ICEgate registration for our customers. While exporting or importing goods you must required AD code registration also.

As exports of goods and Imports of goods you can track your goods locationwise so you must register with ICEgate this is customs portal.

Documents required while registering ICEgate portal IEC code Latest company, Digital Siganture certificate for DGFT, PAN Card, Aadhar card.

AD code Registration for Exporting goods and services

AD code registration is Portwise registration for your exporting goods or importing goods must required AD code.

Documents required for AD code registration latest Import Export Code copy, ICEgate registration UID and Pass, DSC and AD means Authorised Dealer code letter from your registered bank.

Import export code for Manufacturer

IEC code is for manufacturers located in India to export goods and products from India. Exporting raw and finished goods from India is most important to improve Indian GDP.

India is majorly exporting machinery, for textiles, engineerings like electrical, mechanical, pharmaceuticals and many more products.

Also, India exports Handicraft goods from India from various villages and small towns located in India. Hand-mad products like bedsheets, sarees, purses, baskets, lamps, candles, contemporary arts, clay products, ext.

IEC code application in Mumbai

Now every business can register with Import export code for their firms or companies companies. located in India. The company may be Private Limited, LLP, Partnership, Proprietorship, Trust or NGOs, etc.

Individuals and professionals can also apply for Import export code to Import or exports goods and services from foreign countries.

the eligibility for IEC code is a person should be an Indian citizen and holding Aadhaar card and PAN card both. This might be a company or individual or personal name.

Export-Import code number is valid for a lifetime once registered with the foreign trade department of India. Nowadays this is online process tp get OE code mi, ner/

Who can register with IEcode Number ?

Those who are Indian citizen and having PAN card and AAdhar card are eligible to get IEC Code.

Which companies can be avail IE Code Number to Impor and export goods and services ?

Private Limited company, LLP company, Partnership, proprietorship company can get registered with IECode.

Individual can get IEC code Number?

Yes, an individual, professionals, farmers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, self employee, contractor, etc.

Why Import Export code number is important and when ?

Import-export code is required while importing or exporting goods, products or services by individual, companies, professionals, etc.

Export License manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier

Export import license for manufacturer, wholesalers, supplier, traders, professionals, Individuals, personnel, trust.

Export license is important for exporting goods from India to overseas like uneshia, Netherland, Germany, Britain, Burma, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Turkey, Newyork, Ohio,etc.

Q. What is IEC?
Legal Provisions
As per section -7 of Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992
Importer-Exporter Code Number –
“No person shall make any import or export except under an Importer-exporter Code
Number granted by the Director General or the officer authorised by the Director
General in this behalf, in accordance with the procedure specified in this behalf by
the Director General.”
Q. Who requires an IEC?
A. Any bonafide person/ company starting a venture for International trade.
Following categories of importers or exporters are exempted from obtaining IEC
(i) Importers covered by clause 3(1) [except sub-clauses(e) and (l)] and
exporters covered by clause 3(2) [except sub-clauses (i) and (k)] of Foreign Trade
(Exemption from application of Rules in certain cases) Order, 1993.
(ii) Ministries / Departments of Central or State Government.
(iii) Persons importing or exporting goods for personal use not connected with trade
or manufacture or agriculture.
(iv) Persons importing / exporting goods from / to Nepal,Myanmar through
IndoMyanmar border areas and China (through Gunji, Namgaya Shipkila and Nathula
ports), provided CIF value of a single consignment does not exceed Indian Rs.25, 000.
In case of Nathula port, the applicable value ceiling will be Rs.100,000.
However, exemption from obtaining IEC number shall not be applicable for export of
Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipments and Technologies (SCOMET) as
listed in Appendix- 3, Schedule 2 of ITC (HS) except in case of exports by category (ii)
(v) Following permanent IEC numbers shall be used by non-commercial PSUs and
categories of importers /exporters mentioned against them for import / export

  1. IEC- 0100000011- All Ministries / Departments of Central Government and
    agencies wholly or partially owned by them.
  2. IEC- 0100000029- All Ministries / Departments of any State Government
    and agencies wholly or partially owned by them.
  3. IEC- 0100000037- Diplomatic personnel, Counselor officers in India and
    officials of UNO and its specialized agencies.
  4. IEC- 0100000045- Indians returning from / going abroad and claiming
    benefit under Baggage Rules.
  5. IEC- 0100000053- Persons / Institutions / Hospitals importing or exporting
    goods for personnel use, not connected with trade or manufacture or
  6. IEC- 0100000061- Persons importing / exporting goods from / to Nepal
  7. IEC- 0100000070- Persons importing / exporting goods from / to Myanmar
    through Indo-Myanmar border areas
  8. IEC- 0100000088- Ford Foundation
  9. IEC- 0100000096- Importers importing goods for display or use in fairs /
    exhibitions or similar events under provisions of ATA carnet. This IEC number
    can also be used by importers importing for exhibitions/fairs as per Para 2.29
    of HBPv1.
  10. IEC- 0100000100- Director, National Blood Group Reference Laboratory,
    Bombay or their authorized offices.
  11. IEC- 0100000126- Individuals / Charitable Institution / Registered NGOs
    importing goods, which have been exempted from Customs duty under
    Notification issued by Ministry of Finance for bonafide use by victims affected
    by natural calamity.
  12. IEC- 0100000134- Persons importing / exporting permissible goods as
    notified from time to time, from / to China through Gunji, Namgaya Shipkila
    and Nathula ports, subject to value ceilings of single consignment as given in
    Para 2.8(iv) above.
  13. IEC- 0100000169- Non-commercial imports and exports by entities who
    have been authorized by Reserve Bank of India.

  14. Q. Can Export/Import be made without IEC?
    A. No. IEC forms a primary document for recognition by Govt. of India as an
    Exporter/ Importer
    Q. What are the benefits of IEC?
    A. On the basis of IEC, companies can obtain various benefits on their
    exports/ imports from DGFT, Customs, and Export Promotion Council etc.
    Q. Where to obtain an IEC?
    A. Those having Registered/Head office in whole of Kerala and Lakshadweep
    except the districts Trivandrum,Kollam & Pathanamthitta, can submit the application
    at Joint Director General of Foreign Trade, 5/A,Kendriya Bhavan, Kakkanad, Cochin682037 ( Telephone No.2427397).
    Q. From where one can get IEC Form?
    A. It can be downloaded from download section of DGFT website under the link
    Q. Can it be applied online:
    A. Yes. Applicant has to apply on DGFT link: website – IEC online help.
    Q. What are the documents needed for an IEC application
    A. Documents are listed below:
  15. Bank Receipt /Demand Draft details evidencing payment of application fee
    of Rs. 250/-. DD should be in favour of JDGFT, Cochin .
  16. Certificate from the Banker of the applicant(on the letter head of the bank)
    firm in the format given in Appendix 18A (Part B)with full address of bankers
    including telephone numbers. Name of proprietor/partner/director etc. should
    be mentioned below the photo and it should be attested by banker. Name
    ,Designation &Managers employee code also be included in the BC.
  17. Self certified copy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) issued by Income
    Tax Authorities (both sides).
  18. Two additional copies of 3×3 size photographs of the applicant.
    Photograph on the bank certificate should be attested by the banker of the
  19. Other Additional documentsFor companies registered under companies Act-Incorporation Certificate
    issued by Registrar of Companies& Memorandum of Articles and Association.
    For partnership Firms – Certificate of registration issued under section 59 of
    Indian Partnership Act, 1932 along with consent letters of all partners for
    issuance of IEC
    For Proprietorship Firms- Any of the following documents. Registration
    certificate under Kerala Value Added Tax Act, 2003 or Registration certificate
    under The Kerala Shop and Establishment Act, 1960.
    Any other document issued by Government Agency related to Proprietorship
    Firm which proves the existence of proprietorship firm.
    For Manufacturer Exporter-Copy of Central Excise Registration Certificate or
    IEM/Industrial License/Enterprenurers Memorandum Number (EMN)
  20. Self addressed envelope affixed with postage stamps of Rs.30/-.
  21. These documents may be kept securely in a file cover.
    Q. What are the documents required for modification of IEC
  22. Application form ANF-2A to be filled in and all pages of the application to be
  23. Proof of change of name/address/branches/constitution of Ltd. Companies
    etc.(Form 32/Form 18/company master details issued by ROC along with copy of
    challan) For proprietorship/partnership Firms any address proof issued by
    government depptt. Copy of ownership title deed or copy of lease deed
  24. Fresh Bank certificate certifying the detail of the bank A/c, registered address,
    and photographs of the applicant in case of change of applicant(whose photo is
    to be affixed in the IEC).
  25. Demand draft/Pay order for Rs. 1000/- for modification of existing IEC in
    name, constitution, address ,if applied after 90 days. Applicant is also required to
    furnish documentary proof that they have applied within 90 days.
    Q. What is the fee for fresh IEC Application?
    A. Application fee is Rs. 250/- which can be paid through Demand Draft/ Pay Order
    from any designated bank in favour of Jt. DGFT, Cochin. Treasury Receipt from the
    designated Central Bank of India branches is also accepted.
    Q. What is fee for modification in IEC?
    A. If informed after 90 days from the date of change/amendment/modification, a
    penalty of Rs. 1000/- is levied for condonation of delay.(As per Public Notice 37, AM2010).Applicant is also required to furnish documentary proof to prove that they
    have applied within 90 days for modification.
    Q. What is the fee for issuance of duplicate IEC?
    A. Rs.200/- payable in form of D.D/TR (as per details given above).
    Q. Is PAN Number/PAN card essential / What are the alternatives?
    A. Yes, PAN is mandatory. Self Certified Photocopy of PAN card has to be submitted
    along with the application.
    Q. Do I have to show PAN Card for verification?
    A. No. But where PAN card details are not shown on INCOME TAX website. May be
    requested to show original PAN card for verification.
    Q. Whether more than one IEC can be issued against one PAN?
  • Only one IEC would be issued against a single PAN number. Any proprietor can
    have only one IEC number and in case there are more than one IECs allotted to a
    proprietor, the same may be surrendered to the Regional Office for cancellation.
    ** In case of more than one proprietorship firm belonging to one proprietor, they will
    be indicated as branch offices of the first firm .
    Q. How much time does it takes to get an IEC?
    A. Normally two working days for processing.
    For cancellation of IEC 15 working days
    Q. Can IEC be hand delivered/Over the counter?
    A. No, IEC issued are dispatched by Speed Post to the address mentioned on the self
    addressed envelope enclosed with the application. Only Deficiency Letters along with
    Application form/Document will be delivered at the IEC counter to the authorized
    person/Applicant having the acknowledgement receipt. If Deficiency Letter is not
    collected within 5 days then it will be sent by post to the applicant.
    Q. How may days are required to send the data to customs?
    A. The data is automatically transmitted electronically on the day of issue of IEC.
    Q. Is IEC used by Custom department?
    A. yes
    Q. Can one check their IEC status at Customs on line?
    A. Yes. Click on IEC (BIN) Status to know the status at customs
    Q. NRI- How an applicant (NRI) can apply?
    A. NRI has to follow the normal application procedure. In addition permission from
    RBI/ FIPB is needed in some cases.
    Q. Procedure for a foreign national for obtaining IEC (documents needed)?
    A. Board Resolution, Memorandum of Association, copy of Passport. And all
    documents prescribed above for Indian Citizen/ company/ Proprietorship Firm.
    Q. Do Foreigners require residence in India?
    A. Not necessary.
    Q.What is RBI’s Automatic approval/Specific permission when there is Non
    Resident Interest (Foreign Investment) in the firm, for obtaining IEC?
    A. Notification No. 20/2000/RBI dated. 3rd May, 2000. Applicants are also required to
    (i) Copy of Money invested report filed before Regional Office of RBI).
    (ii) ( Copy of Report filed in Form FC-GPR,Part A for issuance of
    shares to Regional Office of the Reserve Bank of India.
    (iii) If specific permission has been granted by RBI regarding Non
    Resident Interest, then copy of that permission to be furnished with
    Application form ANF-2A.
    Q. What are the documents required for issue of Duplicate IEC?
    A. Duly filled application form along with application fee of Rs.200/ an affidavit on
    stamp paper of Rs.100/- duly notarized. ( Format of affidavit/indemnity Bond can be
    downloaded from Jt.DGFT,Cochin website (
    Q. Can we apply online for issue of duplicate IEC?
    A. No.
    Q. In case the IEC is returned undelivered, what are the documents required for
    proving the genuineness of the firm?
    A. Information to Post Office, Proof of Address-Copy of ownership Title, Registered
    copy of Lease Deed, copy of Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Registered copy of Rent
    deed etc. are required to confirm about the genuineness of the address. Applicant
    may also be asked to attend interview before the IEC issuing officer if necessary.
    Q. Why PAN Card’s (both side) is required?
    A. To identify issuing authority’s address.
    Q. Address of DGFT’s web site to check the status of IEC at Customs?
    Q. Does one need authority letter at the time of submission of application?
    A. No.
    Q: Can a Public Limited Co./Private Limited Co./Partnership obtain different
    IECs for different concerns owned by it?
    A. No. However the name of each concern owned by such a company may be
    included in the IEC of the firm in whose name PAN exists, as a branch.
    Q: Whether IEC has to be revalidated after a period of time?
    A. No, IEC need not be revalidated if the PAN is incorporated in it, but the same
    needs to be updated for changes in name/ address/constitution.
    Q: What is to be done after obtaining the amended/online/new IEC?
    A. The Exporter/Importer should check the “BUSINESS IDENTIFICATION
    NUMBER” on IEC STATUS AT CUSTOMS (BIN) for new IEC holders/IECs
    updated with PAN and on VIEW YOUR IEC in case of modified IECs. The
    above status should also be confirmed from the EDI system of the
    concerned Customs authority before effecting any Import or Export.
    Q: Is the requirement of IEC item based?
    A. No, IEC is a permanent document issued to the Importer/Exporter only once and
    the same is not item based. The exporter/importer can venture into any item of
    Import/Export based on the IEC issued.
    Q: What should an exporter do if he does not wish to operate or wish to cancel
    the allotted IEC Number?
    A. He may surrender the original IEC by fulfilling all pending Liabilities (Export
    obligation fulfilment of all incentive Authorizations) and filing a declaration to IEC
    issuing DGFT office that there is no obligation/Liability pending against him for any
    office of DGFT. On receipt of such intimation; this office shall cancel the IEC if
    satisfied that there is no Liability pending against the IEC holder and electronically
    transmit it to DGFT for onward transmission to Customs and Regional Licensing
    Authorities. The normal time required for processing the cancellation of IEC is 15 working

Above FAQ is provided by DGFT website.

IEC code number is most useful for all individuals, service providers, manufacturers, MSME units, etc. Import-export

code License is to get imported or exported products or services.

Company TypeDocuments required
Private Limited companyPancard, Aaadharcard, cheque, office address proof, GSTIN reg. DSC
LLP companyPancard, Aaadharcard, cheque, office address proof, GSTIN reg. DSC
PatnershipPancard, Aaadharcard, cheque, office address proof, GSTIN reg. DSC
ProperitorshipPancard, Aaadharcard, cheque, office address proof, GSTIN reg. DSC

How get International Import export license ?

Please follow the procedure to get international import export license like providing your documents like Pancard, aadhar card, cheque and many gstin office address proof, etc.

How to apply for export import license in India ?

Please feel to visit our website and fill the form for the same or you may call us on our contact us page.

Import export license document list ?

Pancard, Aadhaar card, cheque copy, office address proof, GSTIN registration, MSME registration copy, Digital Signature Class-3.

Where to get import export license in India ?

You may visit DGFT website for more details to get import export license.

How to start import export business from India to USA ?

For more details you may contact us on our contact us page.

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