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Food Safety and Standard Authority India Registration Certificate year 2021

This is to apply online for Food licenseing those who are food suppliers, manufacturers like packed foods, caterers, Hotel resturants required these certificate.

Those who wants to export food products may be packed food or dairy product etc must have this FSSAI registration first.

Food License Registration

There are food standards declared by govt of India and the norms to get eligibility to get FSSAI food license for organisations, firs or individuals.

Food Safety and standards

Following are FAQs for FSSAI registration

Frequently Asked Questions on FSSAI Seller Registration
Why do I need FSSAI License?
FSSAI Certificate or License is a mandatory document required for doing any kind of food business, whether it is small scale or large scale.This restriction is laid down in Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006. Under FSSAI, there are three kinds of Licenses – Central FSSAI License, State FSSAI License and Registration. The criteria is defined in Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Business) Regulations, 2011.

Why FBA food seller requires FSSAI License with Amazon Fulfilment Centre address mentioned in “Address of Authorised business premises”?
As per FSSAI regulations, every food business operator shall conduct food business from premises under a licence/registration only. Since FBA seller carries out retail business from Amazon Fulfilment Centre, therefore FSSAI License is required for its address.

Why should ‘Kind of Business’ field in the FSSAI License be Retailer?
As products are ‘Sold by’ seller from Amazon Fulfilment Centre, it is mandatory to choose Kind of Business field as ‘Retailer’ in FSSAI License.

Why each site should have different FSSAI License with different number and registration?
FSSAI License is a premises based license, due to which the seller who is selling on Amazon needs to get separate FSSAI for each Fulfilment Centre (FC), inter or intra state.

What are the requirements on your FSSAI License for selling food products from FC?
FSSAI License should be in your name/your company name. Seller’s Legal name on seller central should match with the Legal name in your FSSAI License.
In the FSSAI License for Fulfilment Centre, the address should be in the field number 2, i.e. Address of Business Premises. Also, Fulfilment Centre address on the license should match with the requested Fulfilment Centre’s address on the portal.
In the FSSAI License for Fulfilment Centre, Kind of business field should be ‘Retailer’.
FSSAI License should be valid and not expired. The remaining validity of FSSAI License should be more than 2 months. The License/Registration Number present on the top of the document must be valid when verified with the FSSAI Government Portal https://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/cmsweb/TrackFBO.aspx
The ‘scope’ of the License should include all food products and/or food product categories that you intend to sell. In case of Proprietary Foods, the term ‘Proprietary Food’ should be specified against the food product category/sub-category.
What is required from an FBA seller dealing with food products?
Please apply to State Food Safety Authority on ’Form B’ for State License, with Kind of Business specified as ‘Retailer’ and FC address in Address of Business Premises
Please mention all the food products intended to be sold in the Application Form B
Please use the GST certificate with FC address as ‘Proof of doing business’ for submitting to State Food Safety Authority
In the event of the GST certificate not having the FC address but the Seller’s Principle address. The Seller should have the Fulfilment Centre address first incorporated as Branch address or Additional Place of Business (APOB) as the case may be in some states and use that to give “proof of premises” along with the application.
Note: If the seller is a proprietor, then Form 9 pertaining to the Nominee has to be filed along with the application. The Seller has to fill in details of his own organisation representative or Proprietor himself.
What is the next step after getting FSSAI License for FC premises address as APOB with Kind of Business as Retailer?
After getting the FSSAI License, please follow the below mentioned process to get the FC whitelisted for FSSAI related products:

Please create a PDF file, which should include FSSAI License and signed self-declaration form.
Please upload the file in Upload FSSAI option under Upload Documents section as a part of adding Fulfilment Centre to your account.
Please click on Complete the application

After this, Amazon team will verify the documents and will confirm when the FC is whitelisted.

What do I need to do after FC is whitelisted? Can I send the food related products to FC?
To send any food related product to the FC, you shall have approval to sell foods under Grocery category and Food Supplements under Drugstore Category on Amazon. This step can be initiated in parallel and is not dependent on FC whitelisting. To get approval to sell food related product under these categories, please click here.

What happens when my FSSAI license expires?
As per the FSSAI regulation, each food business operator needs to apply for FSSAI renewal 30 days before the expiry of the current food license. It is your responsibility to get the FSSAI license renewed well in time before it gets expired and share the details of renewed license with Amazon Seller Support. If you fail to do so, then your listings will be removed until you get a valid FSSAI License.

the product specific requirements, please refer to the pages below:

Food & Beverage
Grocery & Gourmet Foods
You may reach out to the following consultants on SPN (Service Provider Network) to seek assistance with FSSAI registration:

GetmyCA Consultants Private Limited
Business Accountancy Service
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