Exports major products from India to Overseas

Exports consultant for Micro Small Medium Enterprises company

We provide consultancy services to start export business for new and existing entrepreneurs. Startup of export business company in India.

India is most exporting goods, services, fruits, vegetables, Agricultural products, Textile products and machinery services from India to Top countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Netherland, Afric and all Asian countries.

Major exported product list from India to Tier 1 countries

Following are major products are exported to Tier 1 countries worldwide like :

Agricultural ProductsTexile Products
Readymade food and beveragesChemical & Dyes products
Machineries & Spare PartsPharmaceutical products
Spices products
Import export code license number

Import export license for manufacturers, traders, wholesalers, supplier, professionals, individuals, personnel, etc.

Our services for Small Medium Enterprises

We provide various services to our vendors to get started their export business from India to overseas like :

Company Registration like Private Limited, Limited Liablility Parnership – LLP, Parnership, Properitorship or Individual

Business Registration certificates like MSMEs

, ICEgate registration

Authorised Dealer Code – AD code Registration

Roadtape services

ISO certification as per requirements like ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 14001 EMS, ISO 45001 OHandS for food safety, ISO 18001 certifications and many more

Trademark registration

GSTIN registration and related services

Website Designing and Development for exporters

Providing solutions to getting leads of customers

Export Promotion Council registration and related services and solutions

Digital Signature Certificate related to exports

Informative services and solutions

Export documentations

Shipping solutions

Container solutions

Logistic solutions

Major 10 Commodities exporters from India

  1. Petroleum products. Value – 61.2 billion dollars. …
  2. Jewellery. Value – 41.2 billion dollars. …
  3. Automobile. Value – 14.5 billion dollars. …
  4. Machinery. Value – 13.6 billion dollars. …
  5. Bio-chemicals. …
  6. Pharmaceuticals. …
  7. Cereals. …
  8. Iron and steel.
  9. Textiles
  10. Electronics

How to start Export Business in India from starting company registration

In India, those who are Indian citizens can start exports business in. India is one of the top exporters of various goods and services which are exported from India to overseas.

Step By Step starting company

First company registration should be done like Private Limited, Limited Liability Partnership or Partnership or may be Properitorship for individuals.

During registering company various documents we has to full fill and you company has to be get registered with Government of India.

Then you has to apply for Import export License for your company.

Also you must registered with ICE gate Portal with AD code registration.

Email lead generating services for targeted country like Netherland, UK, United States, Canada

We provide email lead generating solutions for our customers for their products to be provide informative or promotional basis solutions.

As we can play caimpain for your product or services in overseas and generate a leads for your company.

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