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Business Registration

To start new business or existing business your company must be registered with various Government department.


Business Name Selection : Your business name should be related to your businesses like if you are into food and bevarages then your company name should be “Jubilant Foods and Beverages”this company will be in diffent types. As it is mention below.
Business Types :
Proprietor – here proprietorship is for Individual person who start business in the name of company that might be Enterprise, Corporation, Associates, Supplier, Distributor, Industry, Sales and Services, Trader, etc.
Parnership – ther partership means there are 2 persons involved in a single business. as example company name might be “Jaiswal Brothers”. here this firm should be registered under Registrat of Firms. There is a parnership deed in between 2 partners.
Please take note that partners should be more than 2 upto 100 persons.
Private Limited – In this more than 2 persons are involved or now a days there is single director company. This should be registered in Registrar of companies. Incorporation certi has required and this company have shares allotted to directors or in private placements. This company seems “ABC Company Private Limited”.
here directors may be from 2 to whatever persons.
LLP stands for Limited Liability type here more than 2 partners are invoice and this company is also registed with Registrar of companies.

After getting company registed, now they can avail MSME or DIC certificate, Import Export License, ISO Certificate, Gumasta, GST no :