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Your trademark is valuable and becomes more valuable over time the more you use it..Therfore it is important to ensure that no one else is using the same . And this can be done through Trademark Registration.

We Provide Trademark registration services to our clients. We will not only provide consultancy but also get it registered .

The process of Trademark Registration will be as follows :

Step 1) Submission of Trademark symbol for registration by client to us with client information.

Step 2) Free Trademark Search is done by our legal associate.

Step 3) Confirmation or Non Confirmation of registration of Trademark symbol is given .

Step 4) Upon positive confirmation , Payment of Full fees of Rs 6800 in advance is given by client.

Step 5) Trademark Registration Process is started by our legal associate.

Step 6) Acknowledgement receipt of clients tentative Trademark Registration by Trademark office , Govt of India is given to client as a proof that the registration process has been started at the Trademark office.

Note :
1)Till the time final registration approval comes from Trademark office , the client can use the word “TM or SM “.After final registration client can use the symbol ® with trademark.

2)Final Registration can take a time of 12-18 months or more depending on the time taken by Registrar in inviting Public objection.

3)Any objection raised by anyone on the ‘ Trademark applied’ needs to be dealt separately and is not part of the above fees.























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