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ISO 14001 - Environmental Management

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The ISO 14001 family is primarily concerned with "environmental management". This means what the organization does to:

minimize harmful effects on the environment caused by its activities,
achieve continual improvement of its environmental performance.
In practice, what the standard offers is the management of resource use and disposition. It’s recognized worldwide as a means to control costs, reduce risk and improve performance.

Environment management system ( EMS) is a framework used by an organization to manage the Organization Structure, Planning Activities, Responsibilities, Practices, Procedures, Processes and Resources for developing, implementing, maintaining, reviewing, and correcting/improving the approach to addressing environmental issues. ISO 14001 is relevant to every organization, including:

Single location to large multi-national companies
Manufacturing and Engineering Industries
Process and Service Industries
High risk companies to low risk service organizations
Suppliers to Original equipment manufacturer going for CSR

ISO 14001 implementation Improves/leads to

Level of Assurance in Organisational ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE
Environmental POLICIES & OBJECTIVES set by 'top management'
cost savings through the reduction of waste and more efficient use of natural resources ( water, gas and fossil fuels).
Tighten production processes, yielding higher efficiency and reduction in the risk of incidents.
Improve internal communications and morale - often leading to sound environmental solutions suggested by staff, who are the ultimate owners of your business processes.
Ensure that your organization is better placed to avoid future fines and penalties from not meeting environmental legislation.
Reduce insurance costs through demonstrating better risk management.
better public perception of your organization
improved internal and external Communications
improved use of time and resources
improved morale and motivation
Customer Confidence, Satisfaction and TRUST
Organisational PROFITABILITY
Ability to Differentiate Organisation for Competitive Advantage
Organisational Credibility & Reputation

Types of ISO Standards & its Usage

ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management System
ISO 13485 - Medical Equipments
ISO-14001 - Environmental Management
ISO-22000 - Food & Safety Management
WHO-GMP - Food Management System
BRC - Food Management System


































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